Google introduced Project Mainline starting from Android 10. Google claims that project mainline benefits users on 3 components.

  1. Security
  2. Privacy
  3. Consistency

The simple way to explain Project Mainline is to push Android Security Updates through Google Play store, instead of android updates.

More information on Project Mainline is available at Android Developer’s Blog

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I’m completing 8+ years of journey with Sutherland today, which is the longest stint of my career in any organization that I worked. It looks like I have spent a long period here, but feels like short. I would say that,

Time passes faster when we are happy and satisfied!

I was part of two different roles both were related to planning; the first one is Manpower planning, manpower is the most important asset of an outsourcing company and the second one is financial planning using Hyperion Platform, which is crucial than the first one.

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Why Content Management System is needed for writing blogs?

People create blogs and start writing posts frequently in the beginning and stops it gradually to zero. I would say there are 3 types of people who write blogs.

  1. Who sees the platform as fresh, creates a blog starts writing a post or two then forget
  2. Who setup a blog, spending more time on tweaking the layout of the site than actually writing
  3. Who doesn’t create a blog, opt the ready-made one available in the market such as Medium

The people who setup static websites falls in the first two categories.

I feel there should be a medium to write something like a paper, notebook, diary to convert a thought that flash in our mind to a blog post. When the gap increases in converting a thought into writing, probably it will never be written. The medium is the main obstacle that reduces the frequency of blog posts and makes to zero at the end.

I started writing in this blog in a text editor, push it to git. The main obstacle is that, I have to write it only on my personal computer, where git installed. When I don’t have a computer with git installed, the gap increases. I want to get rid of this.

Found Netlify-CMS as the better alternate to write blog posts, preview then publish.

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Starting today GitHub offers unlimited free private repositories, which is a long expected one as the competitors like GitLab and BitBucket are already doing it.

Since Microsoft acquired GitHub last year, I expected this change. However, the business model might affect if they do it, as most of the projects hosted in GitHub compared to the competitors.

There will be Pros and Cons on this change.

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