I have been using the Ather 450X for over 8 months now. I prefer driving this vehicle more compared to my previous ones.

The Ather app provides statistics such as the last 20 rides, monthly ride logs, charging statistics, etc. However, they recently stopped sending monthly logs. To continue analyzing the data, I decided to collect the logs myself.

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Forestry.io as CMS for Hexo

There are many ways to write and publish blog posts, when it comes to git backed static websites. I started with text editor for writing, terminal for building, then push it to Github pages for publishing. Then I started using Netlify for building static pages, but was still using text editor and terminal locally.

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Good Bye Sutherland!

I’m completing 8+ years of journey with Sutherland today, which is the longest stint of my career in any organization that I worked. It looks like I have spent a long period here, but feels like short.

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Why Content Management System is needed for writing blogs?

People create blogs and start writing posts frequently in the beginning and stops it gradually to zero. I would say there are 3 types of people who write blogs.

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