After joining Standard Chartered Bank, life was not the same as before. There’s always work, even after we start working from home. Every other people I meet online during quarantine prepare watchlist in Netflix and Amazon Prime, I struggle to get time to learn something new. So, I took a week off and stayed away completely from work except few phone calls. This post is about the week my experiments with Oracle Cloud and few personal projects.

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There are many ways to write and publish blog posts, when it comes to git backed static websites. I started with text editor for writing, terminal for building, then push it to Github pages for publishing. Then I started using Netlify for building static pages, but was still using text editor and terminal locally.

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Good Bye Sutherland!

I’m completing 8+ years of journey with Sutherland today, which is the longest stint of my career in any organization that I worked. It looks like I have spent a long period here, but feels like short.

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Why Content Management System is needed for writing blogs?

People create blogs and start writing posts frequently in the beginning and stops it gradually to zero. I would say there are 3 types of people who write blogs.

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Anbuselvan Palaniyandi

an EPM Consultant and an Android Enthusiast

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