Another big gap from the previous post. I was being busy in the budgetting acitivities (which started in last Mar), as usual there were many change requests, allocation logic changes, etc., occupied most of my time. The budget is officially over and 2 forecast cycles are passed. So, I am free for sometime.

Just wanted to share my experience, while setting up the inbuilt functions/formulas using SmartView.

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I recently encountered with a requirement that the users should input data in the Planning Forms only for Valid Intersection. There’s an option to setup Valid Intersection in PBCS. But, the requirement is to setup the same on premises environment. You ask me how to do it in Microsoft Excel using VBA or Microsoft Access using SQL Query, I would do it very easily. But in Hyperion Planning, there’s no such option available inbuilt.

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I have started this blog in last November, after that I did not write anything, as like the way it happens every time. We start something and forget, until we make it as routine. Meanwhile, I was doing some analysis and checks, etc on the blogging platform. Like to share the same here..

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The Renascence

This has been very long time, since I stopped writing blogs. I started with blogger in 2008; was writing about my phases of life, learning, activities, people I missed/lost, poems, festival, tips, tricks, etc.,

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